“Corporate Bodies”Keynote in The Hague


I’m delighted to have been asked to do a keynote featuring the film in the context of filmmaking practice and organization studies at the first Corporate Bodies Film Festival at Filmhuis Den Haag organised by The Hague University of Applied Sciences February 11-13th. I’m on the 13th at 3 pm on Film-making and Critical Affect in Organizational Research. Check out ¬†http://corporatebodies-filmfest.org/ and the video link below

Corporate Bodies Video

Latest news: These Fragments – Viewing Password now needed



Great news is that the film These Fragments has received its first Official Selection for a Film Festival screening: at the Hollywood International Independent Film Festival no less! To comply with the requirements of this and other festivals the final cut has to be password protected. If you would like a password to view the film, email bellebete@mail.com and we’ll get right onto it.