First review of the film

12 Months Film Festival Film Review: These Fragments (dir. Stephen Linstead)

By Alexandru Vlad 11th March 2016

Every time I watch a documentary, I get this sensation where a part of history becomes a part of me, and at the same time, this piece of history furnishes a duty for me to further share it with others. And I am now happy to share with you, film lovers, one of my recent experiences with the title of These Fragments.

These Fragments is one of those documentaries which comes with an interesting story that has its origin in the lands of the United Kingdom, and considers a subject which oscillates around the closing of the coal mines.

We discern the story through its anthropological aspect which defines the capitalist form of the human in a realistic manner, by associating it with disrespect for the past, for the environment and for fellow beings. We observe here capitalism in its full purity, manifest with shallowness in relation to the values that built the contemporary society.

The story of the miners and the vibes of the places we visit through the audiovisual, become a unique experience for us, where like detectives, we look over the clues which send us to the main story. Also, some of the songs we hear during the documentary make us to re-live the zeitgeist of those times, which nowadays seem like papers in a history book.

By contrast, we can distinguish the real wealth of those places from the distressing image of resources wasting, left in disrepair.

Besides the economic and social aspects, the message this documentary sends remains as a mark on the identity of those who watch it, where we continue to live, step by step, our daily lives.


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